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Hola Chicos, I'm Sam I'm a fashion and portrait photographer, model and content creator living in sunny barcelona.

I spent my 20s working as a model everywhere from London and Europe , to india, New York, china and Indonesia. what I learned modelling I have been able to take with me behind the camera. Making my models and brands look and feel a million dollars.

my work is rich and glossy, eye catching and ready for social media  whether that's for your brand or you personally.

​I'm always open to new and glamorous challenges, if you have an idea for a shoot, I´d love to hear all about it. Some of my favourite shoots have been things I would never have dreamt would be jobs from shooting couples cocktails on a speed boat to hen party lingerie shoots at the beach. if it's fun and fabulous, I'm your girl.

I can't wait to hear from you whether yo want to book a shoot with me or need some advice on where to grab cocktails in bcn.

Lots of love 

Sam x

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