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Dante Labs Travel Testing Update

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

A quick update for those interested in travel testing services. I used for my day 2 and 8 testing. The tests weren‘t the cheapest on the government recommended list but the website was easy to use and the pricing was what it said on the tin rather than not including VAT / shipping etc.

They arrived on time and that was where the reasonable service ended.

There was only enough return packaging for one test and some of the listed in the instructions werent included, the absorbent gauze for example.

I emailed Dante Labs and heard nothing back.

My day 2 test was completed and sent in.

I tracked the parcel, it arrived on Friday. I had no results 5 days later so I contacted them again.

This time I did get a reply, they apologised and said they did have my results, they had sent them to my email and asked if I had received them.

I confirmed I hadn’t, checked my inbox and junk mail. The next morning they replied repeating it had been sent to my email. I told them again the email had not reached me. No reply.

I have sent 5 emails since then, asking why when they admitted they had my results how they for some unbeknown reason, refused to send them.

I am yet to receive a response.

Please don’t out yourselves through the same frustration.

I also strongly warn against .

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1 Comment

O Kavaya Savage
O Kavaya Savage
Jun 20, 2021

hello my love, so from this article I am assuming you really would not recommend them? I am travelling to Barcelona from Gatwick for a week and im stressed about this all. It is unbelievable don't know how to figure it all out!! x

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