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Fit to Fly Testing

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

This week was my first experience of flying back home to Spain and needed a fit to fly test certificate since last year.

As some of you may know Spain, who scrapped arrival testing back in May to entice British tourists back to the country has reintroduced it for arrivals from the U.K. who are not double vaccinated.

For those of you who have followed my journey for a while you will remember the unadulterated dramas I experienced before Christmas with . To cut an extremely long story very short, after a long weekend of stress, customer service phone lines being disabled and tears, my fit to fly certificate from Assured, arrived 10 days after I landed with absolutely no apology .

Thanks to my long suffering Mum who stayed up until 3am the night before my flight , wildly surfing the net to find a last minute testing options (of which there were virtually none at this time), I discovered which is a testing service inside many U.K. airports and which saved my life and my Christmas with their fantastic, reliable and super fast service.

For this reason I chose them again, this time from Manchester Airport. My process will be a little different to many of yours because currently Spain requires only a lateral flow test (that meets certain sensitivity stats) for residents whilst the minimum requirement for tourists is the LAMP test. Both are available from Collinson at the airport, just slightly differently priced.

I‘m happy to announce that finally a testing service has performed well not once but TWICE. Fast, efficient, results within 10 mins of taking the test, on a PDF to my phone. Collinson also offer the option of picking up a print out of your test results from their front desk.

All round I couldn’t recommend this company more for a stress free experience.

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