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Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Good Morning my gorgeous bitches.

Sometimes even the baddest of babes needs a little morning motivation and so here's my definitive check list to make sure your day starts, exactly how it was always meant to, fabulously.

Fear not, I'm not going to have you up at 5:30am doing burpees and meditating whilst downing celery water, but here are a few things I try to do that give me a little nudge onto the right track.

Your phone can wait.

It can seem like an impossibility in this day and age but I have been really trying to resist the urge to reach for my phone/ laptop / other phone the second I open my eyes. Yes there are emails that need replying to, likes, comments, and internet drama but these can wait until after your shower. I really find that one small act makes a difference to my attention span, focus, makes me calmer and helps to stop my mind racing between one thought or task and another throughout the day.

Down it, down it.

As the age old saying goes, "A corona a day keeps the doctor away".

If you're not a beer before breakfast kind of a queen, I sometimes opt for a pint of water instead. Aside from the obvious health benefits of hydrating your gorgeous body, for me it's all about intention, when the very first thing you put into your body in the day is in it's best interests it sets the tone for your day. There's something about starting your morning off with health that helps you to carry it through the rest of the day.

Full disclosure this photo was taken at 5am at an after party which turned into a photoshoot because the light was fabulous and I insisted, this day I did NOT start my day with a pint of water, do not me like me kids.

Just Do It

The hardest part of any project or task is starting it. Whether its work, finally starting that blog, changing up your diet or getting in your 10,000 steps each day, the toughest part is the kick off. Get out of bed, do 25 squats, or 10, do a couple of crunches, just do something. It takes less than a minute and while you're in the shower preparing for your day, you'll feel like a tiny bit of that fitness mountain has been climbed, it makes finishing your goal for the day, that little bit easier. Most importantly, even if that's all you do for the entire day (or weeks if you're feeling unmotivated) one, is always better, than none.

Morning Mantras

Here's a photo of me, seven days into my first serious break up. I look pretty vibrant considering , don't I? I was feeling it and here's a mini story time to tell you exactly how I got from heartbroken to liberated Ibizan goddess in less than a week.

It was Wednesday evening and my sister, Becky and I headed out for dinner with my good friend, and honorary big bro, Rami and his fabulous family. I had just left a serious relationship after a LOT of drama and pain, and whilst I knew it was the right thing to do, his telling me he would "probably try to get you back after the summer when I have less work on" (yes really), hadn't been good for my confidence or my healing process.

I had however dyed my dark brown hair a shade I would describe as "really f**king blonde" ,because he had always wanted me to, so now we weren't together it seemed like the perfect thing to piss him off. All was not lost, I was just feeling a little fragile and a little less than my usual fabulous.

Rami took one look at me and insisted we book flights to Ibiza, that instant, he had a spare room in his villa and I needed the spirits of the island, and some good old fashioned hedonism to get me back on track.

I booked flights in the cab on the way home, Becky called her boss, who was luckily the best boss of all time, and begged for the time off, we packed and jetted off to The Island.

I had started reading the secret and I knew about affirmations but I had been dragged down with pesky boy issues so I hadn't felt the power or positivity in myself, or had the confidence to make them work for me.

It was the perfect week, with the absolute perfect people, it was a week that totally changed my life, whether I knew it then or not.

I realised how powerful energy was, I realised I could harness it, I got a glimpse of myself how other people saw me, without all the insecurities I piled on myself.

Also Becky found me a Spanish male model in the VIP toilets in Space, he was the second hottest man alive (after Alex, obviously) and dating him for a few months did take the edge off the situation with my dismal ex.

Find an affirmation you love and forget about listening to Himalayan mediation chants when you are saying it to yourself. Choose some music you adore, something that makes you feel powerful, like you're the girl in the video, something that makes you feel excited, like dancing, that reminds you of your best holiday, your best night out. Play that while you sing, say, shout your affirmations while you dance around, brush your teeth, put on your mascara and just get excited about your day.

That's how you get affirmations to work for you and that's when you start to see them shake up your life.

I hope this little check list was helpful to someone, give it a go and see if you feel a little bit more sparkly by the end of the week.

Sending love and all that positive, glittering energy your way.

Ciao Bye for now my loves!


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