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Outfit of the Day & Story of the Night

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

We dressed like the kind of glamorous chicks who pop out for bites to eat, a naughty gin and tonic or two and head home at midnight, have a cup of tea, do a face mask and are fast asleep by 1am.

We were determined. We wore florals for gods sake .

We did eat ( thank you fot putting up with us ) and we did have G & T ( tree, yes a tree…of G & T . It did have a sparkler in our defence, so it was more of a birthday cake. For sure a celebration rather than binge drinking). We blame you .

We forced a table full of gorgeous folk visiting from Essex for a 60th birthday to be our friends by shouting compliments at them until they had to talk to us, sorry about that. We’ll never forget you Sue, Barbara and Bev!

And remarkably, we did head home at midnight, a big shout out to someone’s cousin, Sean who gave us a lift and from what I recall also had a car rave with us.

Unfortunately, at home there was more gin, gin of all flavours, gin that needed to be tasted and reviewed.

This decision was totally out of our hands, what would you do if desperately wanted you to try out some cocktail recipes with their gins and sent you an array of them for you to work with?

The gin was just “there” beckoning us , as were the wedding dresses from a shoot I did years ago, a sombrero and a blow up treasure chest which just happened to be in the dining room.

The night took a turn and the sophisticated lady vibes we had aimed for went out the window along with our heels.

We danced, we made business plans, we laughed, we sang fleetwood Mac songs while jumping around a sleigh in sombreros, we tried to buy bikes on fb marketplace and we have no idea why, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I can’t remember our business plan but if it wasn’t to make a bar that’s as fun as your living room with fancy dress items and your best mates I‘m disappointed in us.

You were all lured in by the outfit so here it is.

Dress -

Ciao Bye for now x

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