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She’s back

Watched “Frida” for the 100th time and felt inspired as an artist (I genuinely realise how totally dick-ish that sounds but I didn’t know how else to describe it).

I love shooting portfolios (I really love it) snd I love shooting fashion but where my real talent and passion lies was somewhere in between.

As a model one of my first shoots was with @simonemmettstudio (this is almost 20 years ago) shooting with him (although I’m not sure he knows this) opened massive doors for me as a model. He captured me, at my most beautiful, but also as me.

After this shoot my career took me all over the world. I shot with photographers even my grandparents had heard of, graced magazine covers, but my photos with Simon were always my favourite.

Fashion portraits, something that could be a cover, but is all about the person. Which is raw and honest but also the absolute perfect depiction of your model.

Here’s my beautiful man, who doesn’t know how perfect his bone structure is, in, what I genuinely think, could be my favourite work yet.

I’m ready to start shooting as an artist and not as job and understanding that is exactly what I needed to pick my camera back up (and midnight messaging my @emskyart for artist to artist confirmation- love you baby).

♥️ Buzzing ♥️♥️

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