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The Jet Set Spritz

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

A dazzling little cocktail I dreamed up with a little help from .

I always scroll through all the pointless text on recipe blogs, we don‘t need lengthy descriptions of berries and sunsets drinking bubbles, we need hard facts and an ingredients list so let’s go.

This summery extravaganza is super easy to make, no fresh juicing or fancy equipment required.


Mixed berries (whatever you prefer, I used raspberries and blue berries).

Frozen berries

Whitley Neill raspberry gin

Carluccios Valentina Prosecco extra dry

Honey or Maple Syrup


A cocktail shaker or jar


Smoosh (yes that’s a real word), your berries and stir in a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup. Pour your mixture to a cocktail shaker (or jar with a firm lid) full of ice. Add 1-2 shots of Whitley Neill raspberry gin depending on how wild you want to get. Shake it like a Polaroid picture (shake it, shake it). Seriously keep shaking Beautiful, it’s good for your abs and your cocktail. Let the frothy mixture cascade over the frozen berries you have put into your most fabulous glass.

Add 3-4 shots of Caluccio‘s Valentina Prosecco voila!

As if that isn’t fabulous enough already, when you have polished off your first drink your frozen berries will have melted and you can top of your glasses with ice cold Prosecco to make a minimal effort “Berrylini”.

Happy glamming my loves.

Ciao bye x

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