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Updated: Aug 16, 2021

As many of you will know I started out life as a model which was what ultimately lead me into the job I do today.

I shoot portfolios for both professional and new or aspiring models and shoot imagery for brands.

Model girl in denim jacket on grand Canal in Venice

I particularly love working with small and independent businesses and I know you already know that fashion is my fave.

I always dreamt of working for big brands but the reality of working for big websites and names was that (in my experience) they wanted a finger on a camera button. I hated when brands would hire a creative director in a separate role. To me photography and the shoot itself was an art and an entire concept. I didn’t see my photography as a tool of another artist to produce their creation. So I did what any creative control freak would do and set up my own production company so I could do all the creative, and often get to choose my team too.

Brunette female model at sunset on the beach in cleethoreps
Eleanor Gower

Is it more stressful? Absolutely it is. It’s also 100% worth the added hours and pressure to create something that works with my vision for making a brand shine.

Here‘s a little look at some of my work so you can see what I do when I’m not wearing ridiculous outfits on Instagram.

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