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U.K. Shoot Dates

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

My long awaited UK shoot dates are finally with us. A huge apology to all those of you who have been waiting on me for firm dates for your bookings but I didn’t want to book anything in without knowing 100 percent that the dates could go ahead after all the drama of last year’s rescheduling.

Kes Neale

Clients who had bookings postponed due to Covid from December- March will have priority for appointment spots and I will open up the diary for new spots in a couple of days.

For prices, bookings and information please drop over to the contact page on here and drop me an email and I can send you out my package list.

Eleanor Gower

The Dates

London - July 19 - 24

Lincolnshire - July 25 - August 1st

Appointments available until 8pm.

Alexandria Anderton

Can’t wait to meet and shoot some of you and make you feel as fabulous as you’ll look!

Portfolios and fierce confidence shoots.

Sam x

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